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Highly questionable candies from our childhoods

Remember candy cigarettes?

Today, we all wonder “Who thought that was a good idea?” At the time, of course, those cigarettes made for good old-fashioned pretending (although that chalky taste was more like a Tums than candy).

After I mentioned some potentially deadly toys on Friday, I was thinking of the questionable candies from our childhoods. Below are a few from the 1960s and 1970s.

Which ones do you remember?

Cigar gum

For when we wanted to play cops vs. crime bosses, or Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti-western.

gum cigars candydirectcom


Candy cigarettes

Because who didn’t want to be the Marlboro Man?

candy-cigarettes_1 oldtimecandycom(Source:

Or this chick?


Jelly Belly in champagne bottles

Back when we could only pretend to get drunk.

jelly-belly-champagne-bottles3_1 oldtimecandy


Mint Julep-flavored candies

Because playing house was more fun when you added booze.

mint_juleps_1_1 old time candy


Candy swizzle sticks

See above.



Space dust

Isn’t this what Elton John was on when he wrote “Rocket Man?”

space dust 1970s


GIANT Pixy Sticks

So kids could ingest even more pure sugar at one sitting.

giant-pixy-sticks1 old time candy


Cinnamon toothpicks

Remember when your mom said no running with scissors, sticks or sharp objects, unless of course, it was a flavored toothpick stuck in a kid’s mouth?

cinnamon-toothpix-box oldtimecandy


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