Southern Thing Column

7 truly epic gifts your dad’s inner child needs this Father’s Day

Following is this week’s column from Click the link below to read the full column.

Do you have one of those goofy dads who’s so in touch with his inner child he has Ninja Turtles underwear and an Evel Knieval doll under his pillow? Or his favorite joke begins with “A horse walks into a bar,” and ends with “Why the long face?”

Ask yourself: Does this kind of dad deserve the gift of a tie to wear to the office or another all-in-one screwdriver? Then answer yourself (in my own dad’s silly lingo): Absitively posilutely not. This kind of dad deserves one of these seven gifts, including an Open-Pal-Fireball Shooter and a Beef Jerky Bull-head Pinata. Click here to rad the full column on



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