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7 commercials so annoying they make you leave the room

Over the years, I’ve written columns about all kinds of annoying commercials, from those featuring talking bladders to my fave: “If you or a loved one has died…” Huh?? I guess lawsuits are so ubiquitous they can now be filed from the grave. Any-hoo, I’ll link some of those previous columns below.

Today, I’m listing the current commercials that drive me nuts. See if you agree. (YouTube links included)

“Catch me if you can, kiddo”

This commercial with the animated little girl and her grandma with knee pain is annoying because:

  • The primitive animation looks like drawings from a coloring book at a Shoney’s restaurant.
  • The grandma’s laugh is creepy.
  • There’s no manufacturer or brand name, only the words “Pain-relieving back or knee brace” and a phone number. ???? Are they selling stolen knee braces?

Click here to watch it.

“Irritabelle,” the talking irritated bowel

This commercial for Allergans Viberzi medication to treat irritable bowels is annoying because:

  • A woman in a flesh-colored cat suit portrays a woman’s intestines.
  • The intestines walk and talk.
  • The intestines have bright red hair.
  • The intestines are on the outside of the woman’s body.

Enough said. Click here to watch it.

Rapping stop-action animation Flo

I like Flo in most of the commercials for Progressive Insurance but the stop-action Flo is annoying because:

  • She raps … sort of.
  • She raps badly.
  • Her voice rises to an irritating octave as she raps.
  • She raps using outdated slang: “You can throw shade all day, but it’ll never land ’cuz we got the Name Your Price tool in the palm of our hands. Mic drop.”

Click here to watch it.

The Golden Colonel from KFC

I really dislike the current KFC campaign with all the different colonels but the worst is the colonel covered in gold paint to introduce Georgia Gold chicken.

Just no.  Click here to see it.

877-CASH-NOW on the bus

All the JG Wentworth commercials are bad but the ones with the operatic singers hurt my hears. And why was a man dressed as a Viking riding a city bus?? Click here to see it.

Skittles pox

No no no no no no no. Never pick food from someone’s face and eat it.

Click here to see it.

The water slide tampon commercial

This one bugs me not because it’s a Tampax Pearl commercial but because the high-pitched “woo-hoooooo” the woman yells while going down the water slide always startles me. And why is it filmed from her vantage point? So that we focus on her hoo-ha??

Click here to see it.

Links to some of my previous columns on commercials:




13 thoughts on “7 commercials so annoying they make you leave the room”

  1. I like the walking intestine, and I absolutely love the Skittelpocks commercial. I am with you that the golden colonel has to go.


  2. Every decision maker and the intestine lady involved in the Viberzi walking intestine commercial should be forced to spend eternity being digested in Jaba the Hut’s intestines.


  3. I agree with all of the annoying and don disturbing commercials. Another commercial that I find annoying. The General insurance- eeeek


  4. Nothing against the insurance coversge, Progresdive needs to do something about their annoying uninformative ads. Though personally the actor’s are ok the content is the issue. Truly flip the channel to avoid all Progressive commercials as much as possible. What has singing reps have to do with selling policies or reviewing types of coverage? Corp Advertising please rethink presentation. Thank you.


  5. I agree…Flo needs to go. Those commercials keep getting dumber and dumber. She should gracefully bow out like the cavemen did. I also can’t stand the My Pillow commercials, especially the really long version shown late at night. My latest annoyance is for Kerasal Nail Fungal treatment where the lady’s feet are her hands. It kinda freaks me out. I don’t know why. Thanks for letting me vent. 🤗


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