Inside Stony Dell, abandoned 1930s resort visited by Mae West

On our honeymoon in October 2016, Sweetums and I drove along Route 66, mostly through Missouri. We thought we’d make it farther but there was so much to see that we couldn’t drive many miles each day.

I was interested in ghost towns, and there are many along the route that were abandoned when the highway was rerouted. In Arlington, Mo., we came across an abandoned group of buildings that we later discovered was once the area’s finest resort.

Built in the 1930s, Stony Dell Resort was once a popular spot for locals and celebrities, including Mae West.

According to Waymarking.com, “Stony Dell was located a short drive from nearby Ft. Leonard Wood military base and was a popular hangout for the troops on weekends. The resort was so popular, the Highway Patrol was on hand to direct traffic on some days. Church groups often used the resort for retreats.”

The fancy resort featured several stone buildings, whose ruins remain, and some wooden cabins. It also had one of the largest swimming pools in existence at the time, as well as tennis courts, a dance hall, a restaurant, service station and a local Justice of the Peace.

The massive pool was made of stone and filled with water from the artesian well on the property.

By 1946, much of Route 66 was moved for a better traffic flow and by 1967, the resort and town of Arlington were abandoned. The old café and store, the stone archway and fish pond and a few cabins remain.


1 thought on “Inside Stony Dell, abandoned 1930s resort visited by Mae West”

  1. Kelly I may be wrong but I think Ghost Adventures did an episode here…I remember the spring fed pool. I love all of the places you go! You should come to Houston…there are ghost tours on Galveston Island!


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