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A rabbit’s tale: How Sweetums and I see wildlife differently

A real phone conversation yesterday:

Me: “I saw our little rabbit friend, BunBun, in front of the house this morning.”

Sweetums: “I know. I saw it…wait. Did you just call it BunBun?”

Me: “Well, yeah, that’s its name.”

Sweetums: “We’ve talked about this. You don’t name wild animals.”

Me, reasonably: “But it’s not wild anymore. It’s hangin’ in our yard. In a subdivision.”

Sweetums: “It’s not a pet. What’s going to happen when one of the dogs brings you its little bloody legs?”

Me: “Noooo! If that happens, you’re in big trouble.”

Sweetums: “Me? Why me?”

Me: “Because you’re in charge of handling violent tendencies among the pets.”

Sweetums: “But it’s not a pe … never mind.”

Oh goodie! I have a new pet rabbit named BunBun. (Don’t judge me. I know Bugs or Roger or Peter or Energizer would be more appropriate. It just looked like a BunBun, okay??) Thankfully, our rule for all animals is: Once you name them, no one can eat them, even the dogs.

2 thoughts on “A rabbit’s tale: How Sweetums and I see wildlife differently”

  1. I got a pet rabbit for my kids…we could never come up with a name other that Bunbun…except when it bite a chunk out of my finger…then he became Sid Viscous!


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