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9 things I wish someone would invent

Just some quick thoughts this morning…

C’mon, scientists. If we can develop a way to operate the lights of our houses from our phones, or invent blankets that disguise our mate’s (whisper) odiferous emissions, we should be able to figure out how to make these:

  1. Upper arm Spanx.
  2. A headband that makes your hair look as glamorous as it does when you casually push your sunglasses up on your head.
  3. Evaporating kitty litter.
  4. Better yet, evaporating kitty poop.
  5. A single remote that really works on all the electronics crammed around the TV.
  6. Chocolate that makes you lose weight.
  7. Broccoli that tastes like chocolate.
  8. Self-cleaning toilets.
  9. Toothpaste that doesn’t gloop.

What inventions would you like to see?

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