The battle for the world’s tiniest police station

Have you ever been to Bowman, Ga.? It’s possible you have and just didn’t know it. Bowman is a tiny whistle-stop town that was built in 1906 along the Elberton Air Line Railroad, on which the passenger train the Silver Comet once traveled. It has about 820 residents and is home to the Famous Little Police Station. It was built in the 1960s and was so small because the town’s police force was made up of one officer.

While the one-room police station is tiny, and the only one I’ve visited, it’s not the world’s smallest. That honor goes to a police station, of sorts, in Carrabella, Fla. The Carrabelle, Fla., police station, not the only one in the town, is set up in a phone booth so that officers could answer the emergency call box without getting wet. And also so residents would stop making long-distance phone calls from the box. The self-proclaimed World’s Smallest Police Station is located on Highway 98 in Carrabelle.

Other claims to the World’s Smallest Police Station:

  • Ridgeway, S.C., a one-room building constructed in 1940. Click here for more.
  • Olar, S.C., one-room station to serve about 360 residents. See it here.
  • Friend, Neb., one-room station. Click here for more.

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